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Delivering High Quality Wood Flooring Across The Whole of Devon

Our workshop has been supplying high quality wood flooring to the Devon area for over a century - working directly with our customers and trade partners to deliver the perfect flooring solution for home and commercial properties.

We invite you to watch our short video introduction (right) to learn about JFJ’s unique offering in a bit more detail.





Devon’s Extensive Range of Wood Flooring

As one of Devon’s most established wood flooring specialists - JFJ has earned the trust and rapport with numerous customers, from delivering them the perfect wood flooring solution.

“We find ourselves in the unique position of providing expert impartial advice alongside our quality made wood flooring - ensuring you as the customer get the best results.“

Tom Fanthorpe, Director @ JFJ Wood Flooring, North Devon

Due to its strength and rigidity, engineered wood flooring has become popular and certainly a recommended option - with us being one of the earliest pioneers to use it.  We do still however offer the traditional solid oak floor which is still a popular option.

Below is the selection of wood flooring we provide our Devon-based clients.

If you would like to get in touch with Devon’s wood flooring specialists, don't hesitate to contact us. You’ll be looked after by either the owner John Fanthorpe or his son Tom.



Delivering for clients across Devon.

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