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This product has taken the industry by storm, easily becoming one of the most popular products we sell due to its robust, durable structure and unbeatable value for money.

The technology harnesses the strength and rigidity of multi-layered hardwood ply and combines it with a top layer of solid wood to add the visual element you would already get from a solid wood board.

The result - a perfectly finished floor looking and feeling the same with the added benefits of increased strength and stability.

Pride of Place


Our customers feel confident with the engineered wood flooring we deliver, from the variety of the pieces through to the quality represented in each and every one. That’s why our customers tell us time and time again that the wood flooring we deliver them takes pride of place in their properties.

“Whether it's solid, engineered, oak or walnut - every piece in our workshop is ready for you the second it leaves.“

Tom Fanthorpe, Director @ JFJ Wood Flooring, North Devon

A number of benefits when choosing JFJ for your engineered wood flooring solution can be found listed below:

  • The hidden hardwood ply remains unseen whilst providing the backbone of the board - better preventing issues such as shrinking and swelling.
  • The top layer is made up of solid wood, leaving a visually pleasing piece that can be easily treated and maintained.
  • We offer our engineered flooring in various colours and styles.

Our Engineered Variety

Having been one of the pioneers with the concept of engineered wood flooring, JFJ has developed its range to provide the styling flexibility and practicality to suit numerous applications.

Below is the range of engineered wood flooring we’re proud to offer:

  • Distressed Engineered Oak Flooring.
  • Thick / Structural Engineered Oak Flooring.
  • Coloured / Stained Engineered Oak Flooring.
  • High Spec 15mm Engineered Oak.
  • American black Engineered Walnut.

If you would like to get in touch with our engineered wood flooring specialists, don't hesitate to contact us. You’ll be looked after by either the owner John Fanthorpe or his son Tom.

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