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How to measure your floor area?

Working out how much flooring you require for your property can be tricky job. Particularly if you have had little experience doing this type of job before or the rooms of the property are an odd shape. This is a brief guide to help you through the process. Please don’t forget that we are a smaller family business that is always happy to help. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Working out the area of a room is always made easier if the room that you are working is a rectangular shape. If this is the case then simply measure the width of the room and the length of the room (in metres) and multiply the two figures.

However often rooms will not be perfect regular shapes and some can be more challenging than others. If your room is not perfectly rectangular then you should try and split the room into smaller squares and rectangles. In the same way as above you would then measure the length and width of each one and add together to give you the overall m2 area of the room.

What if I have worked in square feet? Converting square feet to square metres

If you have worked out the area of your rooms in square feet rather than square metres then there is an equation to convert one to the other. A square foot is approx 0.093 square metres therefore by multiplying your square foot by 0.093 you should get the amount of square metres required.

For example: You have worked your floor area to be 120 square feet.

120 sq ft x 0.093 = 11.16 m2.

Amount of wastage required with engineered wood flooring.

Once you have the area of the room you then need to allow for a certain amount of wastage. The industry standard with wood flooring is around 10% waste however we have found with our engineered wood flooring generally speaking around 5% wastage and rounding up to the next box is enough.

If you need any further help or advice with your floor, whether it be in choosing the right product or calculating your floor area, we are a smaller family business that are always more than happy to help.