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An increasing amount of under-floor heating systems are being installed in properties throughout the UK. When laying wooden floorboards onto a heated floor it is important that you get a board that can cope with frequent changes in temperature and humidity, as if not problems can occur.


Our engineered wood flooring ranges are all made with a multi-laminate hardwood ply under-core. Stability – Durability – Beauty

Our engineered wood flooring ranges are all made with a multi-laminate hardwood ply under-core. Due to the way in which the ply wood is structured, using layers of hardwood running in opposite direction to one another, the overall board is an extremely stable product that is far more resistant to movement. The ply that is used in our boards is also an exceedingly strong. Nowadays many companies are looking at ways to cut corners on engineered wood flooring and the quality of the plywood is a common way in which they do this.

Our plywood is made up of multiple thin layers of sustainably sourced and certificated hardwoods that are glued together with water proof adhesives. There have been many problems with engineered boards de-laminating and although this is usually down to the conditions of the environment in which the boards have been laid, the issue can often be avoided if a higher spec product is used. In our office, we have had a board soaking in water for weeks, we have even boiled a section of our flooring, and we have never known it de-laminate. Its for this reason we have complete faith in our product and we advise anyone who is laying their wood flooring onto a heated floor to use a high quality engineered wood flooring such as products supply.

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