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What grading is your wood?

We are very often asked how many knots and how much decorative grain can be found in our timber, or what grade is our wood. Gradings can be extremely misleading and confusing. Character, Rustic, Natural, Prime, D, C, B, A are all grades that can be used to describe the amount of knots and natural features that can be found in your timber floor. However, these gradings can only really be used as a guide and a small sample and thumbnail photos only show you so much.

Gradings are confusing and misleading. Use genuine customer photos and judge for yourself.

For this reason we have found that using genuine, unedited customer photos are by far the fairest and most accurate way of showing you our floors. By looking through the photos on the specific product pages and customer feedback pages of our site you should get a good idea of knots and natural figuring in our boards and be able to judge if they would suit your property. Also don’t forget that we offer free delivery on any quantity so you order just one box first at no extra cost.

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