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JFJ Wood Flooring only specialise in the highest quality of products.

Engineered Oak Flooring from £33.50 per m2

Engineered Oak Flooring is by far the biggest part of our business. We have found that our engineered oak ranges to sell unbelievably well due to their unbeatable quality and value for money. A variety of different widths, lengths and thicknesses available in both pre treated and untreated boards, generally means we will have a high specification board that will fit your job.

Engineered Walnut flooring....more info


Our Engineered Walnut Flooring is a product that we introduced last year due to continuous demands from customers. We were asked to supply a walnut floor made to the same high specification as our engineered oak, and we have delivered. Being in the 'Supreme' range, our engineered walnut flooring is made to the highest specification available. Walnut is one of the most stunning timbers available. Long and wide boards with rich decorative grain offer a real touch of style and class to your property.

LVT Wood Plastic Composite Flooring from £24.99 per m2

High spec LVT flooring offers the highest levels of durability, practicality and affordability. These boards feature an authentic texture and stunning character that do an amazing job of imitating the real thing, at a fraction of the cost.

Elastilon Underlay....more info


We also supply Elastilon, a high quality self adhesive underlay that has proved to be a very popular installation method when laying onto a solid sub floor. Tried and tested by many professional flooring fitters, Elastilon is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to lay you wooden flooring.

Treatex Hard Wax Oil....more info


Treatex Hardwax Oil is a popular and well known finish that makes treating and maintaining your flooring easy. Not only does it enhance the natural beauty of the timber, it also highly protects it from spills, stains (including red wine!) and general wear and tear. Treatex Hardwax Oil has a number benefits including being easy to apply, water resistant, easy to clean and maintain, slip resistant, antibacterial and more.

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