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The Benefits of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring in your Property

Like many things, ranges of engineered wood flooring can vary substantially in both price and quality, so how do you decide which specification is right for you? To help, we’ve put together a guide looking at the benefits of engineered wood flooring, if you have any further questions then please do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your queries.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Higher specifications of engineered wooden floor boards, such as the ranges stocked here at JFJ, are constructed of multiple layers of laminated hardwood arranged in a tight cross-layer structure making up what is known as a ply-wood. The cross-layered base is topped with a thick layer of hardwood known as the ‘Wear Layer’ which can be treated with varnishes, colour treatments and oils to achieve the desired finish. Here at JFJ, we stock a range of quality oak and walnut engineered boards in a variety of specifications to suit varied properties and budgets

Add Value to your Property

Engineered wood flooring is a great long-term investment for adding value to your property. Due to its durability, resilience against damage, and elegant aesthetic, properties that are fitted with real wood flooring are valued at higher prices on the housing market than comparable properties with carpet or laminate. Potential buyers will be lured in by the elegant charm, long life span, and of course being real wood, the option to sand back the wear layer for refinishing.

Why choose Engineered Flooring over Laminate?

No matter how hard manufacturers of laminate try, the timeless beauty of every individual real wood floorboard cannot be emulated with a laminate image. Real wood has unique grain and genuine texture that add character to both traditional and modern properties. On top of the matter of appearance, engineered wood flooring has the added advantage of being able to be re-sanded – real wood boards with a thick wear layer can be sanded back several times for refinishing with different waxes and colour treatments.

Perfect for busy areas and family homes

Let’s face it, accidents happen. We’ll never stop kids from spilling juice, wine glasses from falling off of the sofa, or muddy footprints being trampled in to the house - but we can reduce the worry and increase the ease of dealing with such occurrences. Unlike carpet, everyday stains and spillages can be quickly cleaned off of a well-treated wooden floor with a mop or brush, thereby eliminating the need for intensive chemicals or expensive treatments. Animal hair is also much less of a hassle to remove as it can be effortlessly sucked up the hoover. In order to enhance your wood’s natural resistance to wear, we supply and advise on protective products such as Treatex Hardwax Oil - a protective treatment that adds a slip resistant, stain resistant, waterproof coating to the timber and also enhances appearance.


Depending on the thickness and type of wood that you choose, engineered oak boards can last over 100 years if cared for properly. In comparison, most laminate comes with a guarantee of 10 years, and the lifespan of an average carpet is a similar time period. This makes engineered real wood flooring an incredibly cost effective long term solution for your property as you’ll probably never have to replace it!

Easily fitted and suitable for a range of environments

Our engineered wood boards have a simple tongue and groove design that allows for easy fitting over your existing or new sub-floor. Should you need it, we stock Elastilon underlay which is used for fitting boards onto solid surfaces without the need for nails, screws, glue or clips. If desired, underfloor heating systems can be installed underneath the boards as an efficient way to heat large parts of your home. Although we do not offer a fitting service, we have great knowledge of the industry and therefore are able to advise on fitting methods and recommend reputable tradesmen.

Another advantage of engineered wood flooring is that it is suitable for areas susceptible to damp and humidity. This is due to the fact that it has a dense multi-layered core and a sealed wear layer that forms a barrier against moisture.

Timeless beauty for both traditional and contemporary properties

From grand country houses to fresh modern homes, you cannot mistake the unique character and prestige that wooden flooring brings to a property. Whether you’re looking for a practical long term solution for a heavily congested commercial area such as a shopping centre, or simply for an aesthetic enhancement to your home, engineered wood flooring is a long lasting, cost effective investment that comes with a guarantee of elegance and stylish practicality.  You can see more great images of our flooring on pinterest, click here for a full selection of our boards.


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