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Why buying from a small family business such as JFJ is best

We know reputation is vital!

We are a family business that take pride in what we do. We know that reputation is crucial and our business has been built on repeat business, recommendations and word of mouth. Even in the internet driven world we live in today, over 50% of our orders come as a result of positive recommendations or from happy returning customers! We’re proud to say that our commitment to providing personalised customer service has seen us grow as a small business built from a seed of passion in Devon, to a successful UK supplier of engineered wood flooring. We make you our priority and each customer is valued as much as the next, no matter the size of their order.

Years of experience

Believe it or not, wood flooring, timber sales and joinery has dated back in our family to 1853 – You could say that it’s engrained in our genes! Today, the business is run by John and Tom Fanthorpe who have both grown up surrounded by all things flooring and timber, meaning that there’s not much they don’t know about joinery or wood flooring. Over the years the business has had to adapt to suit changing market trends, new technology and modern customer needs. Both John and Tom have worked through these changes and therefore have a comprehensive knowledge of their products and the industry as a whole. So if you’re looking for reliable advice from industry professionals, get in touch today; we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled levels of personalised customer service and will always be happy to discuss your project or answer any questions that you may have.

We give each customer individual attention

We understand that each flooring project is different and there is no such thing as a one size fits all package. With us, your project will be given individual attention to ensure that you purchase flooring that is suitable for the size of the room, the environment in which it is to be laid, and works alongside your home and lifestyle. Unlike when buying from some large corporate companies, you won’t be left wondering what to do; we will guide you through the process from the very beginning by assessing your needs and budget, to provide you with your perfect flooring.

No call centres or automated menus

When you ring JFJ Wood Flooring, you won’t be faced with a faceless “press 1 now” style menu, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team who will take the time to discuss your needs and make arrangements as required. If you’re not ready to order yet but have questions lingering, please do give us a ring for 1 on 1, professional and unbiased advice. Click here to contact us. We are smaller family business that pride ourselves in providing quality products and a one to one personal customer service. With years of experience in the industry call us today to discuss you property and requirements.

About the author

Tom Fanthorpe. Director, JFJ Wood Flooring Ltd

Tom is one half of the father & son team behind JFJ Wood Flooring. An experienced wood flooring specialist with over 7 years in the industry, Tom is following in his father John's footsteps as a true expert in his chosen field. Having absorbed much of John's 35+ years of experience in the joinery and timber trade, Tom now leads the wood flooring department and holds ultimate responsibility for everything from customer service to sales, logistics to quality control.

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