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Wide or narrow floor boards - What’s best for my home?

It’s a question home owners have been asking for years when trying to decide what will look best in their property. Everyone’s opinion differs but ultimately there is no right or wrong and it very much comes down to the property and personal tastes.

However there are some important comparisons to consider when making the decision.


Visual Differences

- When comparing wide and narrow boards both can add a very different look and feel to a room. Narrow boards usually come in shorter and more random lengths, this can result in a floor that looks slightly ‘busier’ with more joints and breaks in the grain.

- Usually people feel that the decorative grain and beauty of the timber is enhanced within long and wide flooring as the boards can really show off the natural features.

Size of the Room

- The majority of people feel that a large room better suits a longer and wider floor board but likewise worry that this may slightly dwarf smaller areas. Often people have large living areas and narrow hallways in between and are concerned that a wide floor board will be out of place in the hall. From our experience we have found wide boards look perfectly fine throughout.

- In average sized rooms, some also believe a wider board can also open out the area and add an extra feel of spaciousness.


- If you want a traditional hardwood floor but you are slightly tighter on budget going for a narrower board can be a great way to save costs. During the manufacturing process of narrow and short floor boards, greater yield can be taken from the raw material at source.

Fitting Time

- It is an important factor to consider that although longer and wider floor boards cost more, they are far quicker to fit in comparison to short and narrow, it’s important to bear this in mind when costing up the expense of having the flooring installed.

- Convenience wise for most people the quicker the floor is completed the better.


- When solid Oak was the popular choice of flooring it was common for people to steer away from wider boards as they could be more susceptible to swelling and shrinking in reaction to the environment. Today, all of our Engineered Oak flooring is based on high quality multi-layer plywood which gives the board exceptional stability making them far less prone to this movement.


At JFJ Wood Flooring we supply a wide variety products varying in dimensions from our longest and widest board the ‘Supreme’ 220mm x 21mm to the shorter, narrower ‘Country’ 150mm x 14mm with lots of options in between. For any more information or advice on what will best suit your property please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01598 7401697.

About the author

Tom Fanthorpe. Director, JFJ Wood Flooring Ltd

Tom is one half of the father & son team behind JFJ Wood Flooring. An experienced wood flooring specialist with over 7 years in the industry, Tom is following in his father John's footsteps as a true expert in his chosen field. Having absorbed much of John's 35+ years of experience in the joinery and timber trade, Tom now leads the wood flooring department and holds ultimate responsibility for everything from customer service to sales, logistics to quality control.

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