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New Year New Floor for 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's to appreciate what and who we have around us. We may have spent much more time in our homes than ever before. So why not make where you live a priority for 2021 and where better to start than by choosing a new wooden floor.

Engineered wood, LVT and Solid Oak

New flooring is a really good way to give your home or home office a fresh new look this year. Homes are busy places and so a floor needs to be functional but impressive. The question is, though, which type of wooden flooring is best for you? The good news is that all our floors are popular choices for 2021. They're easily cleanable as well as being tough, durable and stylish. And with a range of styles of engineered oak, walnut, Luxury Vinyl Tile and solid oak from JFJ Wood Flooring then you've come to the right place. 

Engineered wood

Each board just oozes quality. When you hold a JFJ engineered oak or walnut floor board in your hands then you know you've got the finest product for your floor. Each board is made of a number of layers to provide stability, strength and durability. They can be laid over underfloor heating as the boards cope well with changes in temperature. We have a range of different sizes and with a variety of Treatex Hardwax Oil then there are plenty of colour options to choose from.


Our Wood Plastic Composite flooring also known as LVT is a high quality vinyl plank which offers a durable, practical and affordable choice for a stylish floor. The core of these boards consist of a mixture of wood pulp and plastic composites which produce a very stable and reliable floorboard. This is then topped with a vinyl layer which has an extremely realistic wood effect print. Hallways, bathrooms, kitchens are all good locations for this type of flooring as well as for the home office as we have LVT laid throughout our offices here at JFJ!

Solid Oak

Admittedly, the popularity of solid oak flooring is decreasing and this is due to the fact that the top layer (wear layer) of an engineered oak board is exactly the same oak that is used on our Solid. Meaning a high quality engineered oak floor will have just the same beauty, character and warmth than a solid oak, but with much higher levels of stability and reliability. This being said if you're a traditionalist and solid oak is what your looking for then we do still offer a limited range of Solid Oak boards. Are website is undergoing some changes at the moment and solid oak ranges will be updated in the new year but for now please give us a call, discuss what it is you're looking for and we'd be happy to help. 

New Year New Floor

Here at JFJ Wood Flooring it's not only a new floor for New Year (or before) that you'll receive. But a personal service that can't be offered by some of the big national companies. We're here to speak to and we'll pass on our knowledge and experience of the best floor for your own circumstances. Our website has lots of examples of actual laid floors for you to look at and we are happy to send sample squares and offer free delivery on a pack of flooring if you want to see how the boards fit together and look when laid. 




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Tom Fanthorpe. Director, JFJ Wood Flooring Ltd

Tom is one half of the father & son team behind JFJ Wood Flooring. An experienced wood flooring specialist with over 7 years in the industry, Tom is following in his father John's footsteps as a true expert in his chosen field. Having absorbed much of John's 35+ years of experience in the joinery and timber trade, Tom now leads the wood flooring department and holds ultimate responsibility for everything from customer service to sales, logistics to quality control.

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