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Offering wood products or services and not offering a flooring range?

Here at JF Joinery, we have been joinery manufactures for over 45 years and when we first began to offer wood flooring, it was nothing more than a by-product to our joinery items. Despite at the time only having small samples, spec sheets, and a small pricing list, we were surprised how many joinery clients were also in search for a trusted and local wood flooring supplier. With a minimal amount of work, we were able to further help our customers by offering a wider range of products, and make more money overall. Fast forward to now, and we have a dedicated flooring division, JFJ Wood Flooring.

We know, from first hand experience, the value of a captive audience – especially one whereby the working relationship has already been established. It’s for this reason JFJ Wood Flooring are aiming to make more trade companies, and tradesmen, aware of the services we can offer in the hope to create a long term, mutually beneficial working relationship. You already have a captive audience that trust you – offering flooring would be another high quality string to your bow, and a source of clean and easy profit.

How could we make this work for you? Read on for more information.

Why you should choose to work with JFJ Wood Flooring?

  • Trade discounts / commission structures available.
  • 97% of our online reviews are 5 Star.
  • High specification and reliable products you can trust.
  • Unbeatable value for money when compared like for like.
  • One dedicated point of contact.
  • Fast UK delivery.
  • We’re flexible and can work with you in a matter that aligns with your preferences and requirements.
  • 45 years trade experience.
  • Extensive and versatile product range.

Your business, Your approach

Several of our longstanding trade customer relationships extend beyond four decades. Throughout this period we have observed that various companies have their own preferences in managing their flooring orders. In the following sections, we have briefly described these approaches for your consideration, enabling you to identify the most suitable approach for you & your business. Ultimately, we’re happy to work with you in a manner that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

how would this work?


“I am not a specialist in wood flooring, wouldn’t this matter?”

No, not necessarily. Dealing with JFJ means working with a small and dedicated team with years of experience. You’re always welcome to discuss your or your clients’ needs whenever required. You’ll likely be offering the same few boards most of the time, and it wouldn’t take long before the specs on offer become familiar. Or, if you’d prefer, we can deal directly with your client (more on this below).

“What will I get out of this?”

This depends on how you wish to deal with your enquiries. Our engineered wood flooring is supplied in unbranded boxes which allows you, if you wish, to market the products how you choose and price them as you see fit. To begin with, you may prefer a less hands on and more transparent approach. If you’d prefer to simply pass customers on to us, and we deal with the customer directly, we will build in a minimum 5% commission for you. This could be a discount applied to your order if you’re ordering from us, or a commission paid to you if the customer orders.

You may also choose to offer an installation service, further increasing the profitability of each job. If you do, please let us know – we supply our flooring nationwide and are continually asked if we can recommend fitters. We’re looking to, over time, expand on our list of recommended fitters by location. Once a working relationship between us is built, we would happily pass on your details to our customers – helping us to achieve a more “all bases covered” package and helping you gain more profitable work. Again, a mutually beneficial working relationship is exactly what we’re looking for.

“How much of my time will this take up?”

Again, this depends how you choose to approach your flooring enquiries. This can be as effortless as you having some leaflets, recommending us, we deal directly with your customers and pay you commission when the order comes in. Or, you may choose to go steps further – create a display stand or swatches, add flooring to your website or even stock pallets of flooring in your unit – it really is up to you. The main take away here is to get started, see how things go, and adapt the offering to suit your requirements and your customers preferences.

“I have enough on my plate as it is without offering flooring too.”

If you feel this way, we’d suggest (at least to start with) taking a less hands-on approach, as mentioned above. Let us deal with the customers directly and we will pay you back a minimum 5% commission on orders we take from your recommendation.

“What’s the best way to start without committing to anything?”

Firstly, we welcome a friendly conversation on the phone. Getting to know you, your company and how our products could fit it with your business, is important to set the foundations. Secondly, we can send you free samples. This is a good way of you getting a feel for the specifications and quality of floorboards we offer.

“How would I market the flooring?”

How you market the flooring is entirely up to you. Leaflets, web pages, samples, spec sheets, sample stickers, display boards, swatches etc are all available / achievable and we can supply you with much of the content you need to do so.

“Do I have to stock the flooring?”

No, not unless you choose to.

“Where can you deliver and what are the delivery costs?”

We can deliver throughout the whole of the UK. Delivery is free on orders that exceed £1000 ex VAT for most of the UK. Some locations do incur additional delivery charges, but this is rare.

“How do I order?”

To start with, we would suggest placing orders over the phone so we can discuss all elements of the order. In time, it may be that you prefer to order simply by sending us an email or purchase order.

“What would the payment terms be?”

To begin with, we would prefer to work on a payment up front basis. However, we do have trade accounts on 30 day terms and would be happy to discuss this with you. Throughout the years of supplying flooring all of our private customers have made payment up front and have had no issues with this. Hopefully your customers would be happy to do the same thus not effecting cash flow.

about us

45 Years Experience –  JFJ Wood Flooring is a trading name of JF Joinery (SW) Ltd. We are a long established family run business and our family date back as far as 1853 in the timber and flooring industry. JF Joinery has been one of the most trusted Devon based joinery suppliers for over 45 years and have been supplying high quality flooring options for the past 20 years.

Family Run Business – JFJ is owned and ran by a Father & Son team. John Fanthorpe, the founder of JF Joinery, started his joinery business in 1978. John began shipping flooring throughout the UK in the early 2000’s and Tom (John’s Son) joined the business to specialise in the flooring department in 2011.

Located in North Devon – Our workshop and showroom is located on the edge of Exmoor in the village of North Molton, North Devon. We supply flooring throughout the whole of the UK with fast delivery times – next day / same day deliveries often available.