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We often contact our customers a while after supplying them with their flooring to obtain feedback and ensure we have helped them as much as possible. We found Mrs Perrott’s response rather brilliant and wanted to share it with you….


Thank you for your email, it is lovely to get follow up!

It may take some time for me to get any feedback to you about the quality of your flooring, how delighted I am with the finish or even to send you a photo of my beautiful new dining room floor! This is no reflection on the service you have provided, or the quality of your flooring, it is, however, a very telling reflection of how adept my beloved husband is at DIY.

Having made a start to our dining room last February and worked over the last eleven months at a pace a geriatric snail could compete with, the walls are still to be finished… The flooring which sits in our utility room, and which I have purposefully placed in a position that means each journey to the fridge results in having to scale it, is still in its boxes.. The cat loves perching on said boxes and I delight in my continuous clamber over them to get the milk etc!!

Fortunately my dearest husband is blessed with blinkers so he can make his daily journeys to the fridge and isn’t fazed by the wall of boxes that he may have to lean over…

So, hopefully sometime in the near future, which year I cannot promise, I will be able to send you a picture, a gushing review of the flooring and the delightful news that himself has finished and beams with pride at his work each time his feet cross the floor!

Yours sincerely,

A Most Patient Wife, Swindon, Wiltshire

Ps.. We are going to want another couple of boxes to do the very small hallway… I will be in touch when we have a possible date for starting this!!”

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