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Over the years, we’ve seen more and more of our customers develop what we like to call the ‘Wood Flooring Bug’ – when, after hours of deliberating over whether carpets or wood flooring would be better suited to their home, and then having one room fitted with our engineered oak or walnut boards, they suddenly want the whole house fitted!

Not only do they look gorgeous, but our customers remark time and time again on how easy they are to clean and how much time they save on the hoovering. Here are just some of the main practical advantages of fitting wood flooring as opposed to carpet, and a few of the main reasons that so many customers come back to “do the next room”!

Save time and effort spent on housework by putting away the hoover and bringing out the broom!

If you’re constantly looking for an excuse not do the hoovering, or simply don’t have the time to fit it in around a busy work/family life, then wood flooring provides a time and effort saving solution.

Unlike carpet, wood flooring can be swept with a broom, removing crumbs and dirt quickly, easily, and not to mention more quietly – you’ll still be able to hear the TV!

Worry less about stains and dirty marks

Help to make floor stains a thing of the past by opting for a wooden floor with a high quality finish. We supply pre-finished boards that come pre-treated with oils that will help prevent any spills and stains from impregnating the timber. You also have the choice of applying Treatex Hardwax Oil that protects your floor to an even greater extent. If spillages, muddy footprints or markings occur, simply wipe the boards clean with no nasty cleaning chemicals involved. Treatex is an easy to maintain water resistant treatment that is used to protect and enhance wood flooring and other interior wooden joinery, such as stairs and furniture. Treatex is made from a combination of natural sustainable materials including carnauba wax, sunflower oil, linseed oil, beeswax and candelilla wax. For more details on the pros and cons of pre-treated flooring vs untreated flooring and treating yourself, take a look at our article here.

Reduce your energy bills

Earlier this month, the EU announced that shops will be banned from selling hoovers with a power consumption of over 1600W, as of September 2014. This sudden ban has really shocked many consumers and made them realise just how much energy their hoover is using. So if you’re looking for ways to become more eco-friendly as a household, as well as save money on your electricity bills, choose wood flooring over carpet; the only energy that a brush uses is your own!

Sand away scratches and unwanted marks

Owing the fact that all of our boards have real wood wear layers of 3mm – 6mm, they are able to be sanded back multiple times in order to remove dents and scratches for re-finishing. In order to help prevent scratches occurring in the first place, as well as make your floor easier to maintain in general, we again recommend using a high quality finish such as Treatex. This optional finish is an easy to apply wood treatment that will improve the durability of the wood and work to protect your flooring.

About the author

Tom Fanthorpe. Director, JFJ Wood Flooring Ltd

Tom is one half of the father & son team behind JFJ Wood Flooring. An experienced wood flooring specialist with over a decade in the industry, Tom is following in his father John's footsteps as a true expert in his chosen field. Having absorbed much of John's 35+ years of experience in the joinery and timber trade, Tom now leads the wood flooring department and holds ultimate responsibility for everything from customer service to sales, logistics to quality control.