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"We are really thrilled with the result. Just ordered a further 40sqm for delivery in January!!"


I hope you do not mind but here is some feedback on our experience from the first order.  As Bridget has told Tom we are absolutely delighted and I will shortly update the Facebook page with the positive highlights.

Feedback as can be found on our Facebook Page:

Post 1 (06/12/11): After 15 months of ongoing building work and lots of discussions with various suppliers about flooring we finally found JF Flooring on the web. John was extremely helpful on the phone and we have just ordered our first 30sq m for delivery this Friday. Our local joiner in Shropshire is going to lay the engineered oak flooring for us and he is impressed with the samples JF sent us. Looks like a good price. I will let you know how we get on.

Post 2 (09/02/11): Order delivered on the date promised. We intend to install it before Xmas!!

Post 3 (02/12/11): Local joiner (highly recommended in the Telford area if anyone wants his details) masterminded the installation and it took two of us two days to lay 25sqm and fit the skirting. Looks fantastic. The Elastilon was straightforward but watch the video first and do not remove the backing until you are really sure of the layout – it sticks really firm and we found out the hard way!! A good mix of shades in the planks and features/knots and plain planks. Just need to take care when setting them out. We are really thrilled with the result. Just ordered a further 40sqm for delivery in January!!!!


Post 4 (06/01/12): Today’s consignment arrived on the due date. We are going to lay it in a couple of weeks time.

Post 5 (30/01/12): Mike the local joiner came and masterminded laying this floor and it took us 3 full days to lay it all and replace the skirting boards. We discovered that the room is about 3/4 degrees off square so we were very pleased that we went to the effort of removing the skirting boards as you can’t see the odd angles when finished. I created a ‘learning opportunity’ when waxing it with Treatex as the roller I used was not in pristine condition. Went and purchased a new Dulux simulated mohair roller and spent 4 hours sanding off the wax that had gone wrong. Serves me right for not checking and trying to save £8!!! End result looks fantastic!! Thanks to John and Tom for all their advice and assistance.

Couple of pictures attached – happy if you want to use them on the web site.  We are having some capping machined for the join between the floor and the windows and the decorators have not yet painted the skirting so the pics are WIP!!

The joiner we used was very positive about the product and the Elastilon.


More Feedback from our Customers in the Midlands:

  • Mr Richardson in Derbyshire provides a review of our wood flooring and service for his house in Derbyshire including our technical help and delivery service.
  • Peter from Leicestershire reviews our oak boards on Elastilon with a vapour barrier and insulation with our widest fitting boards being easy to fit.
  • A patient wife from Swindon provides some feedback and the quality of finish even though it might have taken her husband slightly longer than she had wanted to fit the floor, read this review!!!
  • Mr Kelsey from Derbyshire used our oak flooring not only for his floor but also as a wall cladding where he wanted an unique finish to his alcove.
  • Mr Blackmore from Worcestershire shows how easy it is to fit the flooring onto Elastilon with minimal wastage and is delighted with the finish on the boards.

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