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Stunning Flooring in Engineered Oak

What is engineered flooring?

For those of you who aren't yet familiar with the concept of 'engineered' oak flooring, it is a little different to a traditional solid oak floor in terms of the way it's structured. Importantly though, that structure makes no difference to the way it looks. The big difference is that the solid layer of wood you see on top is just the top layer of several - it is what goes on beneath that top layer that really counts. 

In the case of our high quality engineered oak boards, below the top layer (wear layer) of oak is a multi-layered hardwood ply that forms its 'under-core'. Having this core instead of solid oak provides the boards with maximum levels of strength and stability, plus it is also more environmentally friendly!

"With our engineered oak flooring options, you can get all the beauty and benefits of a solid wood floor, with added reliability and stability. What's more, less valuable European oak is used to make up the board making it a more environmentally friendly flooring option"

Tom Fanthorpe, Timber Floor Specialist @ JFJ

Underfloor Heating

All of our floorboards in engineered oak are suitable for underfloor heating systems. In fact, the way in which our oak boards are constructed makes it one of the most stable and structurally sound wood floors on the market. This is all down to that multi-layered hardwood ply that makes up the board's 'under-core'. There's more on installing an engineered wood floor over under-floor heating in our article here.

An Option to Suit Every Home & Budget

Below, we've categorised our various engineered oak flooring products into categories that might help you find what you're looking for:

Engineered Oak Options On a Budget

Our 'Country' engineered oak flooring range is the perfect balance of genuine oak aesthetics and cost. Availability in widths of 180mm or 150mm, you can purchase your new floor either untreated, ready to receive a treatment of your choice, or pre-oiled.

The difference between the more expensive ranges? The Country range is a 14mm thick board with a 3mm wear layer of solid oak, less than the other ranges. The boards are also random length meaning that you will get a mixture of lengths within the boxes. This, along with the rustic grade, means that maximum yield can be achieved from the timber at source which brings the cost down per m2 and can make this board the perfect choice if you're on a budget and looking for a beautiful real oak floor.

View the Country range - 190mm or 150mm

Distressed & Rustic Engineered Oak Flooring

The idea of a distressed engineered oak board is to give the appearance of an already aged and weathered floor, despite being brand new and made to a high quality engineered construction. The boards are supplied with a textured finish and feature many knots, splits and characteristics that give it a warmth and charm that can be very in keeping with certain properties. The perfect example is our 190mm x 20mm 'Lundy' board which comes distressed, brushed but unfinished - ready to receive a finish of your choice.

View the 190mm x 20mm Lundy

Rustic Wood Flooring

In many cases, a distressed floor is perfect for those searching for 'rustic' options. In technical terms though, 'rustic' is actually a grade of wood in its own right and can come distressed or not distressed - our Country range is a good example of rustic boards that haven't been distressed.

The rustic grade indicates that the wood comes with more in the way of characterful natural features than 'natural' or 'prime' grade boards. So if you're looking for the perfect rustic option for your property, perhaps a rural cottage or characterful pub, check out our Country range below:

View the Country range - 190mm or 150mm

Thick / Structural Engineered Oak Flooring

The 'Supreme' range is a 21mm thick engineered oak board with a 6mm wear layer of European oak. This range is the highest specification of engineered oak flooring available and its thickness and strength makes it a structural floorboard meaning that it can span joists if required. Our two widths in the Supreme range - 220mm and 190mm - are examples of just how beautiful and high quality engineered oak can be. A substantial wear layer of 6mm and striking widths makes this range our most popular engineered oak board to date.

View the Supreme range - 220mm untreated or 190mm pre-oiled

Coloured / Stained Engineered Oak Flooring

We understand that not everyone wants their engineered oak floor the traditional light oak colour. That's why we stock a range of 'specialist' products, with a variety of different finishes, colours and dimensions.

Distressed Lundy 220mm x 15mm - The 220mm x 15mm Lundy range is supplied in 2 different coloured hardwax oil finishes that provide an antique and rustic appearance. View the Lundy 220mm - Antique Black and Hazel Grey.

Black Oak Flooring

Looking specifically for black oak flooring? We've got the perfect option for you - our 'Lundy Antique Black'. Pre-oiled, ready to install and positively bursting with character:

Antique Black.

Create Your Own Perfect Colour

We also stock many of our engineered oak floorboards untreated. That means they can be finished on-site to the exact colour, sheen level and finish of your choice. This allows you complete control over the colour and also means the floor can be finished with the highest quality of finishes.

Our untreated engineered oak boards include Supreme 220mm x 21mm, Classic 220mm x 15mm

High Spec 15mm Engineered Oak

If you're looking for a high spec & quality feeling engineered oak flooring but are restricted to a thinner floorboard then the Classic 15mm thick range is the perfect solution. This range, just like the Supreme, comes in either a pre-oiled 190mm wide or untreated 220mm wide option. With a 4mm wear layer, multi-ply under-core and long and wide dimensions, this is an exceptionally well made thinner board that is an incredibly popular wood flooring option.

View the Classic range - 220mm untreated or 190mm pre oiled

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